Thursday, June 24, 2010

FFF for June 25th

Claire was a vain conceited woman, and could care less.

People paid her tens of thousands to model and she treated everyone the same, you had to pay top dollar to see her.

She made just one big mistake … the gods were not pleased!

Venus wanted to teach a hard lesson … and thought long on how to use her as an example to others … for this one had no real beauty, no light to her inter darkness, she was just a study in chiaroscuro.

The art exhibit opened to rave reviews, especially the sculpture of the naked beauty reclining, so life like, so real, more real than people knew.

For inside the body (and heart) of stone, lived Claire, able to hear but not more, able to be on display for all to see … for free … for she was a study in light and darkness.


  1. I guess you get what you pay for. ;) Happy FFF.

  2. Occasionally there IS more beneath the surface, isn't there? Thanks for playing along with us this week!

    -- PB

  3. Haha, vengeance served! happy friday!

  4. Ah, another of the mythology ilk... and yes, the Gods are of fickle caste.

    Interesting take on the picture.

    Happy Friday.

  5. I met Venus in a bar once, and she claimed it was all bad press, that she was actually very chaste and demure and didn't go out of her way to piss on anyone's parade. Then she turned me into a toad and laughed. Or maybe I should have stopped at five tequila slammers. Thanks for bringing back what are almost certainly not memories ;)