Thursday, July 1, 2010

FFF for July 2, 2010 - "Shaking Hands"

Her hands were shaking; her breath caught in her throat, even thinking about it.

It had started with her and her sister-in-law, Joanie, both married with kids and having one too many Cosmo’s.

Joanie asked what she fantasized about, she replied “Being tied up” with a very nervous giggle and dampness spreading between her legs.

Before she knew it, Joanie had her hands tied behind her back, her stripped naked, ankles tied to two chairs, fully exposed showing her excitement and wetness.

Her hands were shaking; her breath caught in her throat, as Joanie smiled, leaned forward, taking her hard nipple into her mouth as she whispered, “Mine is to suck and eat another women”.
She had never been with another woman and regretted that as she was.
Oh why had she waited!

Her hands were shaking; her breath caught in her throat, as today was her turn to tie Joanie up.


  1. I'm glad it went well for her, because it could have gone badly just as easily. There is always the temptation to make things more dramatic by involving things going badly, but in the case of sexy fiction, that temptation is best avoided. "Oh why had she waited" indeed?

  2. I agree with Lexi -- it's much more happy-making when things turn out as well as all involved hope. Thanks for playing this week!

    -- PB

  3. I like the dichotomy of their respective fantasies and how each were able to fulfill their own.

    Happy 4th weekend.

  4. Very nice.I like the way that rolled.

  5. How could this pic not have a happy ending ! Anything with a nipple is happy ! At least a special friend of mine always says that !!

  6. Ahhhh the magic of alcohol :) Happy FFF!

  7. Liquid courage. A pity that it only comes that way for some. But lovely story!

    Happy Friday.

  8. Not sure what a Cosmo is but next time I'm out with a woman she's getting one (or three);-)

    A quality story.

  9. I love it when fantasies come true, especially when it's a friend that makes it happen.

    @Red: hahaha, very funny.

  10. i love the story, the happy intersection of compatible fantasies...