Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taken on vacation

They were on vacation and their resort had a whole series of small private sauna's. The first day there they had fucked in one ... leaving the door slightly ajar ... and could see a shadow .. watching them ... not knowing who it was. The second day while in the pool, a guy who was swimming beside her ... said ."loved watching u yesterday .. you have a lovely ass ... he has a nice thick cock" ... she blushed and said nothing. But shortly after they were again in the sauna .. where she made sure he would see .. her ass being taken. The third day, when they entered the sauna .. he was waiting for them .. naked .. hard ... she said " we want you to watch us" and they started ... getting behind her BF .. she watched as he stroked .." Go on ,, take his ass ... I want to watch him get .. what he gives me !"

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