Sunday, February 19, 2012

Handy Man is Handy to have

He had come highly recommended and we had hired him to redo two of the rooms in the house. I was to be out of two two of the weeks and returned home to find an excellent job done. Was not till later that week I discovered some pictures and an email she had written to her sister.
"Beth ... my god ... he was here again today ... I can't help myself ... before I know it I have his huge black cock in my mouth .. sucking it .. he tells me what a fine white slut I am .. that just makes me hotter .. and then he tells me to spread .. all I can see is that horse like cock ready to split me .. and god Beth .. he does .. that thing has me begging for him to stop .. but he never does ... and then the fucking starts ... he impales me on that cock .... and I can't stop cumming ... and then he said ... time for you to take this in that other hole slut ... I screamed no .. but he started working it in slowly disappeared ... till it was all in ...I almost passed out ... but once he started fucking me .. it was amazing ! Can't Wait till you visit next week .. because he says u are next !"
I will have to get a cam set up so I can record that .. maybe since he is so handy .. he will set it up for me? I am sure he and I can work out some kind of payment ... *smile*

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